Friday, July 21, 2006

What would Marco Polo say?

The Hare Krishnas who run the bakery where I normally buy lunch on the way to work have gone on holiday until the beginning of August. So I have decamped to a new establishment, which is all shiny red & white plastic and vaguely nautical in theme (round windows, posters of matelots). There's also a mind-boggling array of rolls, cream and jelly-based cakes, waffles and ice cream.

One thing that astonishes me is that some patrons, in a display of extreme gastric fortitude and daring, will actually be eating cake at 7:30 am when I pop in for my cheese and tomato rohliček or egg brioška. This morning, there was a gentleman eating an ice cream sundae with his coffee.

I must be descended from a long line of breakfast puritans, because the first time I saw it, I blinked in disbelief. I don't even like sugar on my cereal. To my mind, sweet, yeast-based morning goods are acceptable on weekends and holy days but cake and ice cream before 10 am feels insanely decadent.

So photo below in honour of:
1. The above-mentioned gentleman and his challenge to my dietary preconceptions.
2. Freedom for Mel.
3. Freedom from a long-term project for me.
4. The humdinger of a thunderstorm currently brewing outside (pleasepleasepleaserain).
5. Friday and pre-weekend giddiness.

(credit to here as still no camera batteries)


Anonymous said...

I have to say... I don't understand! About a year ago, I made a cake for a friend's birthday to take along to a parents' group meeting at 11 am.

Everyone was rather surprised and kept saying things like, 'cake IN THE MORNING?'

Please... surely cake is good at any time. Mr Greedy would agree with me.

Having said that, eating cake or -- gulp -- ice cream for breakfast IN PUBLIC seems decadent if not altogether brazen.

Death xxx

Anonymous said...

For more unusual ice cream eating, check this out....

Death x

ames said...

My momma never let me eat sugar before noon. Really. I was so freaked out in 8th grade, I went to a party and slept over. What did the birthday girl give everybody for breakfast? Cake and ice cream. I was scandalized!

Sugar is an afternoon thing. I won't touch it (unless it goes in my coffee or tea) until after lunch.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Oohhh, thanks for the link, Death. It is funny how we don't even notice all these rules about food-appropriateness until someone crashes into them.

I think I could probably handle cake by about 11 as long as it wasn't the first thing I'd eaten that day. But ice cream? At 7:30am? It's like drinking soda for breakfast. Freaks me out. I keep thinking "But you need to have something proper to eat first."

Like ames, it's my upbringing rearing its ugly head. After all, eating fish in the morning doesn't seem weird to me, although I wouldn't do it these days for other reasons.

Anonymous said...

hmm... perhaps it's because I was never allowed to eat sugary things (no matter what time of day) that I eschew these food rules!


EvilAuntiePeril said...

Yeah. Think a blanket ban would probably have most people chucking food rules out the window at the first possible opportunity. For us it was usually, "as long as you have something sensible first..."

But try scoffing a couple of jam doughnuts after a bowl of porridge. Or All-Bran. Or pickled herring. Frankly, it's beyond me.