Friday, July 14, 2006

Look! Poppyseed cake thing!

So as promised to the lovely Mel elsewhere, here is something decadent for her one day of freedom from the sound of sacred gongs, clangs and ba-doings, woven together by spiritual chanting. Photo not one of mine as camera died. Luckily this site came to my rescue in time for Mel's day-release, and it's way better than anything I could achieve. So may you become very bendy and your ipod batteries never run low.

On the other hand, I'm slowly grinding my chakras into the dust, but at least I'm still buying my (all-vegan, karmically-superior) pastries from the Hare Krishna bakery. That's gotta help? Right? What do you mean eating twelve of their almond cookies will not necessarily bring twelve-fold spiritual benefits?

*tries to do a downward dog, achieves collapsed lung pose*


Mel said...

Thanks hon!! They look scrumptious!! This morning I treated myself to breakfast in the greasy spoon opposite the web cafe and had a bagle with cream cheese and honey.. yum!!! I am sure that you will get twelve-fold good karma for all those pastries. Just a little tip if you are plagued with any doubts about this: chant Oooohhhmmm under your breath as you eat them and no bad karma can result Ooooooohhhhhmmmm :) xx

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Phew. Glad to have advice from the expert before I tuck into a little something with nut filling. Ooooohhhhhmmmmm... xxx