Monday, July 24, 2006

I so too have a balanced mind

No really, I do. A balanced female-male brain. The BBC says so. Must've been playing with younger brother's GI Joe that did it. Of course, they also have great big disclaimers saying that their nifty little mind quizzes are in no way a medical diagnosis, but pfffttt to that.

I can also remember strings of numbers pretty well, which apparently is linked to the ability to learn foreign words. Who'd have thought there were so many hidden benefits to learning Czech?

Anyhow, the BBC are collecting data for memory research. Lots of quizzes, tips, articles and so on. They also want people to submit their own memories of specific types (first memory, memories of significant/life-changing events). Once you're registered you can also look up what other people have written under keywords.

Of course, as with participation in all scientific research, before doing this it's worth reading the consent details. Who knows what nefarious purpose may be hidden under the seemingly innocent facade of a nifty website with pictures of elephants? Unfortunately I failed to notice the one that says, "The BBC reserves the right to edit your memories" until it was too late. Eeek.

Note to self - better check for amnesia tomorrow. Who am I?

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