Monday, January 19, 2009

Wah? Over 3 months?

Shurely not... Anyhow, must do something to fend off evil spambot invasion.

Oooh, look. I've just been on holiday. And it was insanely cold, although since I've returned, all the Poles at work have been going about saying that their -29 back home trumps my -16... Except they've been all toasty warm at -3 here in Prahahahaha while I was in the wilds of South Bohemia freezing off vital parts and hollering for more wood for the fire.

Have a photo of a tree:
And a snow angel:
(Photos not mine, but a compadre's, but the snow angel was indeed mine, all thanks to bargain ski trousers and a jacket. Weirdly, no one I was with had ever even heard of them (snow angels, not skiwear sales. I blame the communists.)