Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Language? Pah!

In addition to the mystery of the floating "e" at the end, Czech also does the weird Slavic perfective/imperfective verb thing. How cruel. Do you know how they tell time? It's unspeakable. No really. The word for "quarter" has no vowels. Clearly, some ancient Czech grammarians had far too little to do on those long dark winter nights.

I'd go on holiday but it takes the accusative case and I've already forgotten that one.

In other news, we went to a botanical garden over the weekend for a bit of green and cool. 'Twas lovely, although we provided a great deal of fodder for amusement for all the tall, elegantly dressed model-types who have emerged from their winter hibernation. They stalked about the pebbled paths on slim golden legs, feet strapped into delicate confections of lace and air with heels slimmer still.

By contrast, our more sensible flip-flops and dog-chew trainers were a tad erm... earthy? But at least after three or so hours of walking, our feet still managed to carry us to the local micro-brewery's restaurant for some beer-battered comestibles. Balm for the weary soul.


Beth said...

What's the weird Slavic perfective/imperfective verb thing?

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Sorry Beth. You may never want to ask me a question again. But I did enjoy writing the post, so thank you for asking.