Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday other-half-of-thirteen

Can't be bothered to focus on reality today, so I'm just going to lie. Six-and-a-half times.

1. My new high-tech-optimum-security work ID makes me look lithe, attractive and awake.
2. More fried cheese? What a delicious meal prospect! You can never have too much fried cheese.
3. With practice, I will able to walk between the raindrops, ensuring my freshly dry-cleaned suit does not get soaked.
4. Mmmm…. Rusks! The breakfast of kings!
5. No, your 3-hour teleconference is not distracting me in the slightest. I quite understand that you have to shout to be heard in Bulgaria.
6. Wow! When I said how much I loved fried cheese I was really hoping you'd double my portion! Thank you, from the bottom of my clogged dorsal aorta.
½. Secretly, I find accordian music rather appealing. (I think that's a cry for help.)


Kate R said...

You're safe. Accordian as performed by Gogol Bordello is considered the ultimate of cool.

evilauntieperil said...

You reassure me, kate, 'tis true that Gogol Bordello are on the side of the angels. And then there is also the stage-diving accordianist(?) of the Pogues.

But is this the slippery slope to oompah and hence fondness for the music of David Hasselhoff? (Once heard to say that Germans liked his music due to this quality)