Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ten Green Bottles

Forgive me. I have been somewhat distracted by (in no particular order).
1. Work.
2. Study/writing thing. I defy you (okay, maybe just me since I can't use one word where a sentence will do) to write a mere 2000 words on power. 2000 words? Surely you jest? I have that and a warehouse of sofas whose backs are stuffed full of such words. I will not be chained by your pesky word limits - do you hear me? What? Marks deducted? Oh. *wearily picks up chainsaw and continues editing*
3. Online kerfuffle.
4. Homework of the Czech variety.
5. Loose boulders in Switzerland (see 1).

So to keep things here ticking over, thought I'd fulfill rpc's request for a photo of Mrs. Jana. She's sensitive on these matters, so I hired someone to distract her. Since the hapless volunteer rapidly lost lower-limb function and collapsed on the floor, the proportions shown are somewhat misleading. She is in fact several inches shorter than me, although her hair is normally much taller. It's tricky to pick her out when she's not wearing her glasses, but she's the redhead on the right.

Right. Now to find some of those cats you wanted.


Kate R said...

Yep. That's just how I pictured her, minus the gloves.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

I think they're to protect her manicure while she's engaged in the slaughter of the mildly guilty.

Karen Scott said...

Lol!!! I foolishly thought you'd posted an actual photo of Mrs Jana!

EvilAuntiePeril said...

To be fair to her, Karen, this is as close as I can get to my mental image of Mrs. Jana when I haven't done my homework or turn up late to class. She's actually better looking than me. For one thing, her cranial ridges are higher and more elegant.

RPC said...

Marvellous. gold star xx