Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Half-a-Thirteen

Six-and-a-half things that whisper "You're not in Kansas London anymore."

1. Loo cubicles are complete self-contained little rooms with their own light switches. Running water, a lock and electricity - you could move in.
2. The excitement of a choice between either a 3l or 10l flush.
3. The weight of a dish appears on menus. Not like "6 oz. steak". I mean like, "Pasta with pomodoro sauce and parmesan cheese - 120 grams", "All salads 150g including 50g meat/fish/cheese".
4. Obvious to some, but traffic goes the other way (yes, I still court death by tram regularly each morning when crossing the street. Damn but those things are quiet).
5. No turnstiles in metro stations.
6. Contra-instinctive shop etiquette: change and payments go in the little dish/tray by the till, not directly into the shop assistant's hand. This still feels as if I'm being rude.
½. Coffee is more concentrated (smaller and stronger).


RPC said...

So, the Madonna Wear for children. I'd love this if it was Madonna Ciccone children's clothing. Maybe these could be halter-neck baby-grows over-printed with controversy-courting stigmata. Neon pink leotard-style rompersuits. Cone bras customised as baby hats. Leather tee shirts with 'Nothing like a good spanky' in faux-rubies on the back.

The possibilities are endless.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Hasn't she gone all yummy mummy on us now? Banished the leather, studs and whips to neatly-labelled boxes at the back of her wardrobe? Or was that last week?