Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lordi, Lordi, Lordi. Eurovision. Heheheheheh.

What? You really thought I wouldn't do that, didn't you?

Thanks to Anonymous no.1 for kindly updating me about the most recent Eurovision song contest winner. In case you don't sit with eyes glued to the telly as Mr. Wogan presents the annual Euro-pop shindig in his dulcet Irish tones (so soothing), this year's winnah was a Finnish monster rock band. Quite literally. Sporting scary Halloween masks and fright wigs, they wROaaaWwwCKed their way through the charming ditty "Hard Rock Hallelujah". Really. It's on radio 2 "listen again" and everything. Terry Wogan does not lie.

I don't know whether to laugh or weep tears of salmiakki into my Nalle porridge and lingonberries. Probably laugh with great abba-ddon. Especially since they received something like the highest number of votes ever.

Anyhow, lead singer Lordi accessorises with devil's horns in his hair (always good for disguising a growing-out perm), red-eyed skulls on his kneecaps and a battleaxe microphone. So whyohwhy does my mind now drift inexorably towards thoughts of He-Man's arch-enemy, Skeletor? (click on "Accessories" for the full glory). I have no idea, but Lordi has the poweeeeeeerr. The poweeeeeerr to overturn years of Euro-cheese and defeat the combined forces of Lulu, Dana International and Bucks Fizz. Boom Bang-a-Bang, dudes. Boom, Bang-a-Bang, La la la and Diggi Loo-Diggi Ley.


Karen Scott said...

I have to watch this just to listen to Wogan take the piss out of all the contestants, and the hosts. He was on top form this year.

As for the band that won? No wonder Abba are considered to be the best thing to come out of Europe for years.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Details, Karen, please! (or anyone, rpc?)Feeling a Wogan-shaped lack forming...

RPC said...

I will rock you to the core to announce that


I apologise. I instead was at the Tower of London at that Prince's Trust 30th birthday thing. Annie Lennox was singing with a piano. This was too big a draw for me to jettison that and sit in front of Terry and the Euro-warblers.

I hope I am excused.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

I am indeed rocked, nay wRaAWwcKed right back to an elemental state.

Admittedly, in open competition, Annie Lennox kicks Wogan's butt big-time. So you are forgiven.