Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm leeeeaaving on a jet plane…

…but only if I get on the right train.

Curse you e-tickets! Curse you flexible online air travel bookings! You who once made me hurl myself halfway across London in evermore frantic forms of public transport after I realised I'd forgotten my passport on the way to Heathrow because this system removed the vital, "Ticket, Passport, Money" pre-flight check from my travel routine.

You have done it again! Lack of printed-out ticket thingy meant I failed to note the more precise details for my flight back from London in my diary. This caused me to idiotically assume that my departure was from the same airport at which I arrived on Friday evening. Oh foolish, foolish mortal! For is it not true that the 1830 flight to Prague leaves from Gatwick (veryfarsouthofLondon) NOT STANSTED!?! (quiteawaysnorthofLondon).


Thank you to the lovely staff at Czech airways who let my wild-eyed staring self onto their plane last night without a qualm or even asking for my first-born as payment. I truly swear the armrest cover had already come off before I went anywhere near seat 7C.


azteclady said...

Oh dear...

Chamomille for your nerves, dear EAP?

(Welcome back, by the way)

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Maybe I should lay off the caffeine? Thanks, azteclady.