Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting a bit verbal

Several incomplete rants are stored up and simmering nicely on the back-burner while I pack. In the meantime, in honour of the rain bucketing down over London, here are some words that are really satisfying to either say or write, regardless of meaning:

Llangollen (with your best imitation of full-on welsh pronounciation)

And as a nod and wink towards future temporary abode: defenestration

Maybe it's a Greek thing, maybe it's a weird spelling thing. Anyhow, other suggestions very welcome.


ames said...

Ooo - I feel so smart - defenestration was one of my word of the days last week. LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't forget tintinnabulation.

-your friendly neighborhood lurker

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Anonymous, 6:13 AM? Cannot believe you're anonymous no.1. Which is all very mysterious because tintinnabulation (what a fabulous word it is too) is bloody marvellous. And so you. Are you his erstwhile housemate?

And Ames, defenestration is indeed a cool word. I'll have to check out the other ones you come up with. Until my recent interest in Czech history, I thought it was one of those silly made-up ones that no one ever uses. Now, I'm desperate for the opportunity to do so.

Oh, and I want to add a new one: "yclept". No idea how I'd ever get it in a sentence, but it's a lovely thing to look at and utter.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm a reader, or, more properly, a lurker, over at Smart Bitches. I'm in it for the cover snark, really.
I moseyed over here one boring evening and found, to my delight, very witty writing.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Thanks for the clarification and the kind compliment, friendly-neighbourhood-anonymous-lurker. Please feel free to lurk anytime.

Your comment threw me because it was exactly the sort of thing anonymous no.1 might say. But it was far too coherent and elegant, especially for that time of the morning. His version would probably have come out, "Whaa? Errafgh…tit...nah tin-tin. glll… gro 'way".