Thursday, April 05, 2007


It may have been raining in Bolzano...

...but there was sunshine in my heart.

Personally, I blame an overdose of the free samples at the Trento regional cheese fair for that brief moment of insanity.

Since the mutual friend lives in the wilds of northern Italy, one of the many edumacational opportunities offered by a fleeting visit in her direction is a quick trip to Bolzano, which by virtue of the multiple "o"s is very satisfying to say. The Alto Adige region is but a hop, skip and jump to Austria which means that not only is it a nice place to eat pasta and look at mountains, but also sausage means more than mere salami and can come curry flavoured with mustard, almost everyone speaks German of a kind and most events can be rounded off with a nice piece of strudel/struedel/struedl/strooooodol (mmmm...).

On the downside, the weather was springlike only in the sense that torrential rain, sleet, fog and snow also can happen in March too. But that's quite a handy excuse for eating enormous helpings of polenta swimming in melted cheese, fried mushrooms, meringue-y things, heaps of risotto, yet more strudel, Sachertorte and chocolate Easter bunnies. Have a food picture.

I usually go for the ears first.

Tomorrow: Lola the prize-winning cow and her very big bell.


Tricky said...

You know I am loving the picture of the deserted decidedly damp bandstand. Also blurry woman on bicycle and window of cake shop gets extra points too.

I'm still scarred from the last visit to Bolzano and the hour spent on a stationary train for no particular reason.

Just dying to see Lola and the bell.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

tricky, i have more italian train stories to chill the soul... maybe here, maybe elsewhere, but they get you in the end.

thank you for the saying of nice things about my pictures, too.