Monday, April 16, 2007

Division ding-dong.

It's slightly less obvious than "The Wall".

With the usual seasonal irony, it's been absolutely beautiful and warm for the last few days while I wrestle with a filthy cold. The evil germ has done weird things to my ears that make me feel as if I'm listening to a Pink Floyd album in a submarine. In other words, I have very blocked ears because of sinus inflammation, can hear sloshing and crackling when I move my jaw, and my left ear generates a peculiar tinny echo for all but the lowest-frequency noise.

Given my age, the Pink Floyd reference is a good indicator for the extreme noncool level of my de rigeur "I'm-miserable-and-ill-now-go-away-you-bastards-and-stop-hassling-me-about-borrowing-the-ironing-board" flannel pyjamas, striped socks and bad hair. I'm too old for it to be ironic and/or retro (the fact that I don't really have a clear idea of which it's supposed to be probably speaks volumes), and too young to be a first-time hard-core fan with original vintage concert T-shirt, who can sneer at the wannabe pj's in their pastel-snowflake-printed sadness.

Worse still, I've been this way for a very long time. But illness tends to bring out the dark side of my stadium rock/big album secret vice. One of the reasons that I avoid medication for the average cold-type bug is a sneaking fear that one too many decongestant tablets will find me in head-to-toe denim, and BIG hair, waving a zippo lighter with enthusiasm at a Status Quo gig. It could happen. I once bought a tape of the best of Bon Jovi while under the influence of one too many medicated throat sweets/cough drops and ten years later, not only can I still sing all the words, but I even know the track order.

So somehow it all made sense to my mucus-addled brain to go trawling through the archives and dig out this photo from an excursion up to the castle last summer. At least it might help to illustrate why I'm anticipating the coming summer with not a little dread. While last year, leopard-print ruled, I think gold and "brights" are supposed to be in this summer.


Bookwormom said...

My eyes! My eyes! OMG...

jmc said...

Holy moly! First, I can't believe someone produced that outfit. Second, I can't believe that someone else purchased it and wore it out in public!

Tricky said...

I think when one gets one's summer clothing from the Coronation Street props draw, the notion of fashion is a very, very distant one.

Tricky said...

Oh, and get well soon.

My heartfelt sympathies: I had the same thing all over Easter and felt totally revolting.

... but felt no urge for Bon Jovi. I just moved from Disco Madonna to Ballad Madonna.

fiveandfour said...

Sorry to hear about your code...erm, cold. In a display of international cooperation, at least on the part of the germs, tons of people in my neck of the woods have the same thing. And though Pink Floyd's The Wall is still a popular choice for the local laser light show, I can't comment on whether the sick people around these parts are suffering the same side effects.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Hi bookwormom, I think the shaky quality of the image owes a lot to do with hands trembling with emotion much like yours.

jmc, it's the patches that bother me most. Full on leopard-print is a bit much for me, but it's just about within the limits of my comprehension that someone might want to wear such a thing. But why the odd patches?

tricky, I'm pretty convinced this is a British bug (but see below) I picked up from younger bro last week (I'm now revising my views on his Easter egg option for next year). But knew you wouldn't let me down on the Madonna front.

Hiya fiveandfour, until your comment, I was pretty convinced this was some horrible British domestic thing, since no one here has it (yet). Somehow, the international dimension is quite comforting. But I have to say - you have a local laser light show? Wow.

fiveandfour said...

I was actually a little surprised that light show is still going on, but a visit to the place where it's held just recently confirmed it's all too true. It's been so long since I'd seen that show I figured this generation of stoners had moved on to something more of this century to help give their trips some added oomph. But apparently some music never goes out of style when it comes to smokin' the dope.

(Hmmm....I think I just implied that I might've partaken in the odd puff then went to see the show at some point in my life. I'd estimate that approximately half of that statement is true.)

EvilAuntiePeril said...

You see, now all I can think about is Spinal Tap dancing around a miniature stonehenge in leotards.

The best shiny-light spectacle I've managed to attend is a son et lumiere show by the castle. I think I need more lasers in my life.