Friday, January 26, 2007

Something pour le weekend

Totally apropos of nothing, but an online chat about parental dysfunction in romances at SB's has given me the most insane urge to link to The Broken Family Band & Eddi Reader's completely twisted break-up (and make-up) duet. But I can't find Alone in the Make-Out Room anywhere remotely linkable and listenable... Aaarrgghh.

(Mrs. B., I'm trying to find a suitable occasion for which gifting you the album might be appropriate. It's definitely one for you.)

Anyhow, frustration has led me to jot down the versicles here. It's probably helpful to point out that in performance the gleeful darkness of the words (and they are darker than the darkest of national-grid-catastrophic-meltdown-not-even-emergency-strip-lighting nights) is mitigated by the band's use of the most twangy of stylee of stylees, music-wise.

They also exhibit a charming form of vocal production in which the tongue is firmly planted in the fleshy part of the mouth between the nasal cavity and the lower jaw. But not for the faint of heart, although there is a happy ending. Now, bring on the mandolin...

Him: I want you to die
With my hands round your throat
Or with me in the castle
And you in the moat
And everyone you know
Stood around laughing.

Her: I wanna watch you swing from a tree
Or fry on a chair
When you're lookin' at me
And everyone in the world will be glad
When you're gone.

Oh it's silly
To say we were never happy
All those nights we spent
Kissin' under the moon
But I died inside
When you ran out with my pride
Why did you leave me alone
In the make-out room?

Her: I wanna watch you drown in a lake
Or get stabbed by a bull
Or bit by a snake
And there's not a single doctor
Who would come and help you.

Him: Hey, I want you to move to Australia
With me a success
And you facing failure
And all of the friends that you had
Ignorin' your calls.


Twangy guitar instrumental
With harmonica overlay

Him: I wanna leave you
By the side of a road
Or out in a field
In the rain and the snow
And people walking past (tenderly, now...)
Could come and take pictures.

Bom bom bom

Her: I'm gonna treat you the best that I can
'Cos I'm your girl
And you're my man
We'll make 'em jealous
With our laughin' and our carryin' on.

See? It's not so bad. As promised, a happy ending!

Twiddly harmonising by her (wa-wa-wah, mmm mmm mmm)
Slow to end


Bookwormom said...

Love that song. Very appropriate background music for family shenanigans between my parents & my brother.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Thanks, bookwormom. I think there's always something about songs that include the word, "moat".