Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A dish called wander...

…while I deal with some more post

Because it's a grey misty day and someone else may be fuzzy-headed and wondering why it is they've managed to lug something like 60 lbs. of books 2000 miles only to decide that they read the only interesting-looking one in the airport waiting for the rest of their luggage to arrive...

This is fun to play with. I especially like the literature map, first of all because it's a map, and maps are always good, and second of all because of the way the names wobble around. Finally I prefer to mess around with it rather than use the recommendations because although there's a pretty broad selection of authors, it only tends to pull out ones I've already read.

Up at gnod there are links to similar toys for music and films. Haven't played with the films much, but the music recommendations did leave me slightly nonplussed. Mainly because every combination of singers/bands I have tried so far brings up the suggestion, "Barbara Streisand" (in bold purple lettering).

Not that there's anything wrong with a good diva-style belting of "Woman in Love" or an overwrought rendition of "Send in the Clowns" in the shower, but I had slightly of hoped my tastes might be broader... or perhaps a tad less schmultzy than that. I mean, my posh Christmas shower gel has "citrus and cedar notes" and I've never really taken to glitter or the (Ce-)lean, mean, singing machine in a big way. Hey-ho. Better go and polish my unfeasibly large chandelier earrings.


Suisan said...

oh gnod, you time waster, you.

I thought the literary thing was really cool the first three or four times I used it. But I thin keveryone who has found gnod has all read the same thirty-five books.

Touch odd, that.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Maybe we just need to add new books? This could explain the Streisand phenomenon, though.