Thursday, January 25, 2007

Peril in the Snow

Or, The snow falleth on the mussed and the unmussed.

Hours of continuous snowfall: 33 (a personal record).

Flake size: miniscule – to me they felt like sleet, apart from the cold.

Depth of snow on roof of sandwich shop awning: 6 inches.

Degree of woooohhhnder felt while walking through the Old Town at night, emptied of people and sound by the white stuff sifting down: Ginormous.

Percentage of Prague residents who don’t use snow tyres (anecdotal from lifelong Praguer - apparently there's no law): about 30%.

Astonishment that at the first sign of frost in Czechland, they don’t grit the major roads and pavements: 76%.

Consequent amazement at the sight of major roads thickly covered in white, becoming rapidly brown, stuff: 82%.

Proportion of body bruising as a consequence of the giddy decision to hurtle downhill, bouncing major organs on the scenic cobblestones authentically encased in ice walk to work in the snow: 64%.

Puzzled examinations of soles of supposedly rugged walking boots that inexplicably failed to shoot out sharp, snow-grabbing crampons upon contact with ice: 8.

Stupid woolly hat rating: 9.

Warmth of stupid woolly hat rating: 11/10. Pointy head or not, I will never make a mockery of ear flaps again.

Brief digression into what the well-dressed worker wears in the office in inclement weather.

Very stylish lady: clingy long underwear (black, top and bottom) accessorised with a little black fur-trimmed waistcoat and brown, embroidered, fur-lined, suede boots.

Other very stylish lady from Serbia via Monaco and the Côte d'Azur: gold jewellery and a tartan picnic blanket as a skirt.


RPC said...

We. Need. Photos.

... though possibly not of that dodgy tartan picnic blanket. Her stylish friends on the Côte would dis-own her now.

It snowed here, but -meh- it was so half-hearted. An inch. I'd like to trade.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

See today's post, and groan in envy. What's more, the trains keep on going...