Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This plastic beaker of svařak* is...


I cannot find boxes of Christmas cards anywhere.

The god of plumbing is still angry.

I have incurred the wrath of the Three Furies of the Temple of Going Out In The Cold With Wet Hair and despite my woolly hat, now have a streaming cold.

Visitors will descend this weekend and already disaster looms in the form of cancellations, complicated requests and a rather terse exchange of texts.


I have found rather elegant Hanukkah cards (tasteful pen-and-inks of antique menorahs, that sort of thing). So some people are in luck. There's still time for a quick conversion if you know a friendly rabbi.

Trdelnik (sort of an unrolled cinammon/sugar bun wrapped around metal cylinders, baked over an open flame and served immediately) are widely available.

The big Christmas tree in Wenceslas square at night is the most over-the-top explosion of lilac-lighted, purple-tinselled campness in arboreal form I have ever seen. By day it's green. Weird.

The big manger in Old Town Square contains live animals, including two sheep and a donkey. They might escape and stampede - the fence is looking very rickety indeed.

*Czech hot mulled wine


Bookwormom said...

Personally, I'd be relieved to be 'off the hook' so to speak re: Christmas Cards. "I'm so sorry, Czechs don't send cards the way we do. I couldn't find any."

No ideas about appeasing the Plumbing God, although I'm looking forward to photos of low rise jeans!

RPC said...

I think if it were me (at the risk of dis-respecting the ancient Jewish holiday) I would send out Hanukkah cards this year. It's bound to bewilder, startle and delight in equal measure.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

bookwormom, please believe me when I tell you that I photos of self in low-rise jeans are cermonially burned... and I think guilt gets me every time for the Christmas card thing.

rpc, have moved you from my "clock postcard artfully altered with stuck-on cotton wisps of snow" list, to the tasteful menorah one.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm in luck, then. ;)
Death xxx

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Death, my love, you are so in luck this year. I'm wallowing in attractive Hanukkah cards. Not only elegant menorahs, but prints of too many mystical symbols to mention (what's the key about?).

Now, if only I could just get to the post office and buy a stamp.