Thursday, November 23, 2006

Brave New Blurred

Hark! Observe the majesty, beauty and poetry of the banner which replaces the old header above. Or, as its creator put it, "I love how when you put a bit of sexy type over the top of even the most shaky and blurred dodgy photo, it instantly looks like high art."

The shaky, blurred and dodgy photo is mine, the sexy type is a Czech font (no stone left unturned to develop the shapes which best suit the use of diacritics) called Fedra, by Peter Bil'ak. The high art creator and font-hunter is rpc, who occasionally takes it upon himself to give me a gentle yet well-deserved kick in the style/graphic/design trouser region. For which much gratitude and kudos.

It's all cunningly woven together to fit a theme. Really. Not a smidgen of harried, "Dammit, why are all my photos so vertical? Aarrghh. Hang on...the metro ones - they're horizontal... maybe rpc can cut out the backs of people and wandering thumbs," about it. It's carefully planned. Observe the wall. A very wall-like wall in Prague. Malostranska metro station to be precise. It even has extra-special-added "woosh" blurriness from an oncoming train.

There may possibly be animals stuck to said wall - that could be where the dents came from. The "woosh" makes it hard to tell. Or perhaps a pair of cut-out, yellow ducks hovering beak-to-beak were attached to a section slightly above the bit showing in the cropped shot. Although they usually appear on the yellow line, and Malostranska, as any fule know, is on the green line.

The ducks are one of those random street art things that crop up here and there. Slightly quirky, child-related objects seem to be popular at the moment. Dolls and wooden toys are propped on buttresses, or ride decorative stonework in seemingly hard-to-reach locations. Take the wooden puppet lounging on lintel in a corner of the Spanish synagogue, or the little girl sitting on the high wall around the Klementinium complex (Jesuit-college-built-on-Dominican-monastery-turned-national-library). But then, what else can you expect in a place where Stalin's statue was replaced with a giant metronome?


RPC said...

Mon plaisir; any time; you're too good to me (etc etc) but a not-so-secret frisson of glee from this corner that you're linking to the Typotheque website. Amazing things lie therein.

Mel said...

Am lovin' it!! M xx

fiveandfour said...

So is that metronome supposed to be a giant f-you to Stalin, or is that middle finger-like wagging motion only an American thing? (I have a feeling it's only an American thing, but I simply had to ask.)

Also, like the layout. I'm a sucker for this kind of oceanic color scheme.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

rpc, the plaisir is all mine.

mel, hello to you as well - hope you're well. x

fiveandfour, had never thought that about the metronome, but if it wasn't planned that way, what an excellent coincidence...