Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm a bloody moron

I'm a technically-challenged, computer-illiterate idiot whose brain sloshes with every step I take. So to Candy and Suisan and the other anonymous, profound and abject apologies for screwing up with the comment moderation thing. I've found your comments and I've switched off that bloody, bloody moderation button for good. I swear.

And thank you for all the lovely comments. I feel the love.

Death, for screwing up your ranking you may poke me in the eye with a very sharp stick next time you're over here. And I will bring you a Czech republican mullet wig as tribute.

Suisan, for dropping your comments, you are welcome to stand at the main door shouting angry words as I clean up a stable full of horse poo. With a teaspoon. In heels.

Candy, what can I say? You even emailed me about this and I still screwed it up. I'm a dumbass. You were the first to comment (umm... except for the other anonymous), and your caps lock is most definitely the cappiest. It fair rocked me back in my seat. No punishment is too great. If you deem it necessary, I'll even read a Connie Mason, cover-to-cover, without skipping over any magenta-tinged descriptions while some godforsaken medley of Michael Bolton singing "Special Songs for Women" plays on permanent loop. As I tour Britain's finest bus stations.

And I think I've found all your posts now.


Candy said...

Damn! That first Anonymous person did beat me to the comment game. Never mind. I shall derive comfort from the fact that I was the first NAMED person to have left a comment on this here blog.

I wouldn't make anyone read Connie Mason as punishment. Wasn't that outlawed by the Geneva Convention? Who do you take me for, Alberto Gonzalez? Your apologies have been gladly accepted, and we shall speak of this no more. Further infractions, however, may incur other dire penalties such as watching The Chronicles of Riddick non-stop for a week.

Suisan said...

I think mucking out a stable with a teaspoon is delicious punishment, however, iit seems that it would take quite a while. And you want me to stand in the doorway screeching at you while you work? I DO have something else to do with my life. I think.

Well, now that you mention it, maybe I don't.

Anyway, thanks for figuring out the moderation thing--kept me sweating there for a few days that maybe you didn't like me or something.

A HA! You ARE Evil.

Maili said...

Ooooooooooh! I'd just discovered this blog! Ha! Now, I'm a happy person. *off to bookmark*

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Candy and Suisan, you are both very kind to forgive me. *sniff*

Candy, you're far more deviously inventive than I could have imagined. Good god. The Chronicles of Riddick. I'd forgotten about that one due to post-traumatic amnesia.

And Suisan, how 'bout you just bask in a lawn chair, occasionally rousing yourself to say "You missed a bit"?

Maili, all hail and greetings! Thank you so much for the visit and bookmark. It's a bit of a building site around here at the moment, but hopefully I'll figure things like links out as I go along...