Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Under here?

I'm sure there's a subtle meaning here that escapes me...

Underwear. Genuinely a cause for astonishment. Particularly for wearers of the ladies' brand, "LovelyGirl", it would seem.

But perhaps some translation is in order. The debonair (you can tell by the scooter) gentleman to the left has doffed his mohair cardigan and matching driving gloves to casually enquire of his charming companion, "Ty nosíš lovelygirl?". This is Czech for "Are you wearing lovelygirl?"

To which insightful query, she shyly responds, "Ano!!!" or, "Yes!!!"

But I'm sure that the many dedicated followers of fashion who patronise this blog are anxious for a closer view of the tattoo on the gentleman's stomach, in order to more closely inspect such a tasteful and aesthetic example of body-art.

(Apologies for photo quality - I had to take the picture through a shop window)


Candy said...

Dude! What IS that tattoo? Is it a handprint?

Anonymous said...

Yes *exactly* what I wanted a closer look at. Thanks EAP! You performed a valuable public service there, bringing us in for a tighter view of

I think the tattoo is in the shape of a duck's footprint. This is like a Rohrschach test, isn't it? ::sigh:: I'll be expecting my meds forthwith.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Hi Candy, Hi fiveandfour,

A close examination of the tattoo in the window revealed that it is fact a lovely image of a swallow in flight. Poetic, and very apt, I think you'll agree.

Chloe Baby said...

Yes it is definately a a swallow in flight. The meaning escapes me too, it must be our cultural differences.

azteclady said...

I just found you again, EAP *waving* and of course, had to check what you've been up to... and...

You do know that "ano" in Spanish means...?

You didn't know?