Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brief with pictures

Ahhhh… spring. In the immortal words of the bookseller who flogged me a less-than-fragrant bouquet of second-hand paperbacks last weekend, "Now that the weather's nice, there's lots of beautiful, sunny places in this town to hang out for a few hours reading a good book."

Of course, that loud-voiced and defiant tweaker-of-the-noses-of-the-stern-and-unyielding-lords-of-literary-irony thereby trigged the immediate execution of sod's law. The git. Probably worked out that it's an easy way to bump up sales.

But at least the weather's still hanging in there. *touchwood*


Mel said...

Gorgeous pics!!

Tricky said...

Concur here too. Your move to photolog is a delight for those of us who get a frisson of glee from Prague architecture reflected in bookstore windows. So, in short, I am wowed.

EvilAuntiePeril said...

oooohhhh... thank you very much mel & tricky (who nearly was forever immortalised there as ricky, with all the gratuitous 'Stenders associations you could think of, too.