Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bring out your... bread?

The polyps did try to stage a rearguard action from the lower right quadrant beneath the kneecap, but so far haven't succeeded. Czech hydrogen peroxide is clearly good stuff.

So I'm not incapacitated, just in Italy. And these aren't necessarily the same thing. For one thing, the coffee's better, even on the trains. The little I can see of the place from the window of our glamorous 70s portakabin is quite attractive, albeit rainy.

Brief little Wednesday something-like-a-thirteen for the purposes of comparison with Cancun.
1. Blogger speaks Italian.
2. Pasta is a starter.
3. Mmmmm... coffee.
4. Less weirdness, generally.
5. Peas? Why peas?
6. Hooray for new no-smoking legislation. At last I can wear dry-clean-only trousers to restaurants.
7. One of these restaurants may have been run by a man who gave me an autographed volume of his own poetry.
8. The power of the blonde is magnified here.
9. This is a bit weird.
10. Gotta go get trained.
11. No toga.
12. No toga.
13. No toga.


Suisan said...


No toga?

I'm disillusioned.

Bookwormom said...

Will there be photos of lovely rainy Italy?

EvilAuntiePeril said...

perhaps they have the togas in glamorous roma, suisan, but sadly, not up in the north where the wind howls and rain pours down and backs up the drains.

and buon giorno, bookwormom. so far, no photos (no internet, etc.). But i do have a camera (resists urge to make really bad pun on Italian word for "room") and an entire workfree long weekend in a foreign country coming up. Woohoo!

Tricky said...

Bella Italia. How wondrous.

To use a literary reference, please send best love to Our Mutual Friend who I know you are seeing this weekend.

Use your blonde power!

EvilAuntiePeril said...

Salve, tricky. It was wondrous - at least the weekend bits. Our Mutual Friend was gorgeous as ever, you'll be please to know. Photographic evidence once I've fixed the camera.